So you want to buy or sell a home? Wondering if your should use a Realtor? Wondering what the heck a Realtor does anyway?

Unlike other jobs, a Realtor works for free and doesn’t get rewarded with the hard-earned paycheck unless and until the sale closes, which is typically 45-60 days after an offer has been accepted . Here is a simplified list of what a Realtor does:

  • Research comparable properties and compile listing presentations.
  • Educate buyers and sellers of current market conditions.
  • Verify property details: lot size, taxes, utilities, restrictions, etc.
  • Input listings/data into numerous MLS databases, and several other websites.
  • Create and pay for newspaper ads, flyers & promotional materials
  • Host & promote Open Houses.
  • Counsel people, listen to their needs and wants, worries and concerns
  • Communicate with co-op agents and brokers, title agencies, home inspectors, home appraisers, pest inspectors, well & septic inspectors and loan officers. This includes phone calls and emails and we must keep all communications organized too.
  • Help stage homes for open house, showings and photos
  • Schedule and attend the home inspection.
  • Schedule multiple showings and spend countless hours driving and showing homes.
  • Check and respond to online inquiries, social media and website alerts, and hundreds of emails daily.
  • Receive and respond to dozens of phone calls and text messages, daily.
  • Attend continuing education classes every year, and stay current with the ever-changing rules and laws within the real estate industry.
  • Spend countless hours hunched over a computer researching, marketing and filling out paperwork.
  • Review closing costs and prepare clients for the closing.
  • Organize, complete, and review hundreds of pieces of paperwork per client.
  • Never “punch out” and basically remain “on call” every day, all day. During weekends, holidays, and vacations too! (We love it or we wouldn’t do it)
  • Suggest curb appeal enhancements or home updates/upgrades.
  • Request feedback from buyer’s agents, and often times we hunt them down just to get it, and leave feedback after showing homes to our own buyers.
  • Stay educated on market values, comps and suggest price changes when needed.
  • Receive and present offers to sellers.
  • Execute and provide expert advice on offers for buyers/sellers.
  • Negotiate counteroffers. Re-Negotiate, and sometimes re-negotiate again. This also includes getting addendums and amendments drafted and signed for each re-negotiation.
  • Coordinate details with lenders and closing companies, often troubleshooting issues without the client knowing
  • Arrange appraisal. Pull comps and meet with appraiser. Stay patient for at least a week while anxiously waiting for the appraisal report.
  • (Best of all) Experiencing the joy with clients when they sell a home or buy a home and knowing all the hard work and stress was worth it in the end.

There you go. A short list on what a Realtor can do for you. What can you do for your Realtor, you ask? Refer Refer Refer. A glowing review and referral from a satisfied client is the best way to thank a Realtor for a job well done.

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